Citizens Of Chocolate’s First Bar, 100 % Made With Bocas Del Toro Cacao Beans From Our Collective And 100% Made By Women.

The Bar Has Been Crafted In The Tradition Of Dark Belgium Faiseur De Chocolat, With A Profile Of Honey, Cinnamon and Guava.

$9.00 Each

Keeping Up With The Ngabe Indigenous Chocolate Tradition, Enhanced By Quality Upgrades During The Whole Process Of The Tribal Chocolate Making. From The Correct Way Of Fermenting, Drying, To The Subtlety Of Roasting, The Craft Of Winnowing And Grinding.
No Traces Of Bitter Or Burnt Taste In Theses Citizens Of Chocolate Spheres.

$4.25 Per Sphere. $3.75 Per Sphere For Order Of 20 And Up.

We Have Wholesale Prices.
We Ship Around Panama And The World
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From Harvesting, Fermenting, Drying, Roasting And Winnowing Our Cacao Beans To Become Nibs. The Hardship Of Winnowing By Hand And Some Blow Dry Action As well. Citizens Of Chocolate’s Nibs Are Not Water Washed But Hand Cleaned By The Ngabe Ladies Of Bocas Del Toro. It Is All Done In Panama’s Rainforest.

$16 per pound. Wholesale Starts at 40 Pounds, Contact Us For Prices.

We Ship Around Panama And The World
(shipping costs extra).